About Your Class

It’s often been said (and felt) that we are living in a time of increased fear, anxiety and stress, spurred on more change and instability, yet Gaia, her land, her animals and her plants, experience this along with us – and – Gaia offers remedies. 

In this class, we will look at patterns of fear, instability and change within Nature and ways Nature can engender safety, courage, and even peace. We’ll focus on a few plants prepared as herbal remedies and flower essences and ways to use them as examples. 

*A detailed handout will be offered along with this class. 

*This is a live Zoom class and the recording will be made available afterwards.

Meet Your Instructor

Director, Core Faculty

Claudia Keel

A clinical herbalist and flower essence therapist with an additional specialty in food and nutrition therapy. She has had a private practice in Union Square of Manhattan, NY since 1999. From 2001 till 2015, Claudia has served as the Weston A Price Foundation NYC Chapter Leader, providing community education and resources for nutrition and traditional foods. Claudia also teaches regularly about herbs, flower essences and traditional foods in practitioner study groups, workshops and conferences.