Flower Essences for Evolutionary Times

with Claudia Keel

Change is a great stress but also a necessary part of growth. In all lives there are times of change, but now pretty much all of humanity has been touched by Covid-19, needed uprisings for social justice and ecological changes. And so, we all are in these ‘evolutionary times’ together, and with that an uncertainty of what lies ahead. Each of us responds to challenges and opportunities in different ways and this is where the support of flower essences can shine for very particular personal needs and also collective needs.  This class will be geared to all levels, with a brief consideration of what flower essences are and how they can be applied, along with considering a number of helpful plants for these times and a consideration of ways essences could support collective situations.

Claudia Keel is a clinical herbalist and flower essence therapist with an additional specialty in food and nutrition therapy. She has a private practice in Germantown NY (Columbia county) and in Manhattan, NY since 1999. Claudia also teaches regularly about herbs, flower essences and traditional foods in practitioner study groups, workshops and conferences and offers private mentoring for clinical practice.

Recorded on August 10, 2020