Equinox Ritual to Center in Sovereignty

with Amanda Midkiff

For the past few months, we have been pulled between despair and hope, chaos and boredom, joy and sorrow. We are approaching a winter that brings even more unknown. Join us for a ritual that will help to orient you within this moment, reflect on the year thus far, and center yourself in a place of sovereignty so that you can move into winter with clarity and renewed confidence. 

Participants will need: a blank piece of paper, a journal & pen, a candle, an herb of their choice for tea.

Amanda Midkiff is the herbalist and owner of Locust Light Farm in NJ. She offers classes both on the farm and online for all levels of experience, and leads rituals and guided experiences for the seasonal holidays, such as the Winter Solstice. She loves herbal beverages, adores toads, and heartily believes in gnomes. She delights in helping folks connect to the magic and medicine of the plant world.

Recorded on September 21, 2020